Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wonders of the World

It's 4:30 pm. I'm late for the party! My wonder of the world is:

Lying down on the grass under the trees, feeling the breeze on my skin, and watching the leaves dance around. It's wonderful. There's nothing, nothing, nothing better than this.

Also the way even a dopey dog can cock its head and look at you and seem momentarily intelligent.

Can you tell I'd rather be in the park?

To link to more wonders of the world, visit my new friend Becky's site


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Those are two great wonders! My doggy does that all the time. I think, "Oh what a smart dog I have," and then he eats a tub of margarine and I remember.

Thanks for coming to my party! You made my day even happier!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

The simple wonders are the very very best!

Love the title of your blog: Lisa Melts Her Penn, lol.


Sara Cox Landolt said...

A dopey looking dog chased me once on my bike ... it was scary.

Watching the leaves sounds good!
:-) Sara