Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sandwich Contest Deadline Extended to Oct. 3!

If you've been perfecting that sandwich recipe all week, today is the day to submit! Don't be shy. The SANDWICH CONTEST closes tomorrow-October 1. So far there are a couple of really good entries. By "a couple" I mean TWO, so you are not too late! Oh, what the heck, I'll extend the contest deadline to October 3rd! So now you have no excuse.

The winner will be determined by quality of sandwich, heartfelt description of sandwich, and any and all other creative elements.

Also, I've been told that, um, I need to offer an actual PRIZE to the winner. That my making and eating a sandwich in my kitchen does not constitute a real incentive....

So, as far as a prize...drumroll please...I will send you a crisp $10 bill for lunch at your favorite sandwich shop. Please sit at the counter if possible. And please eat at Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop if you can! Which by the way, I looked up, and it sounds like it is still alive and well and much-loved by (almost) all. The official address is:
174 5th Ave, New York 10010
Btwn 22nd & 23rd St

Sorry if you have been wandering around Broadway looking for it. I'll check my addresses in advance the next time!

Cheers! And L'Shana Tova to all the Jews today!

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