Friday, September 19, 2008

Exalted Sandwich

Can a sandwich be exalted? Perhaps. I saw someone making something like this at a cafe, and I decided to try it at home, as I had just picked up real farm-fresh organic eggs from the farmers' market.

The recipe:
-Two slices whole wheat (I use Beckman's Honey Whole Wheat, also from the Farmers' Market, but at some stores, too), toasted
-Spread one slice of toast with hummus (I used one with capers)
-A couple of thick slices of fresh red tomato (get 'em at your Farmers' Market if you can!)
-And fry up a couple of those fresh eggs, flip them to over medium or over hard. Add to sandwich.
-Add a slice of swiss cheese
-opt: some ripe avocado slices (I didn't have any that day but the guy at the cafe did, but mine was sure good without them.)
-Cut in half and eat

Wa-la. A sandwich to feed a king. Really, it was SO good. I give it 5 stars.

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