Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Decade

Happy New Year to everybody - slightly belated. My computer is not going to make it very far in this decade, I'm afraid. But I'm on-line for now.

Stay tuned for:
My Most Romantic Moment of the Year so far...
Updates on Lisa's Bookstack (lots of YA and more evolution!)
Thoughts on the Blackberry and other screens
Embarrassing truths revealed...
And More, coming your way soon!

What was the first thing YOU did in the new year/decade? I always think of the story of the baker who was all out of flour, sugar and all his other ingredients. He shared his dinner with a weary traveler, and the traveler told him whatever he did first the next morning he would do all day long. Well, the first thing he did was open his flour and sugar and ingredient bins to see what he could scrape together, and they magically refilled themselves and he baked all day and sold everything and bought more ingredients and had a fine year!

My first action? I'd forgotten to turn off the heat before going to bed. Our furnace is in a hall closet and is old and loud. Think vacuum cleaner noise rushing through the house. It came on at 6:45, which is fine during a week when we have to get up at that time. But of course, New Year's Day we didn't. So my first moment of the year was waking with a start and shouting, "I hate the heat!"

A couple of hours later, I tried to counteract that "false start" by going for a nice walk in the new day, the new year, the new decade, the neighborhood. It was quiet. The air was fresh and a little misty. Only a few others were out, on bikes, walking dogs. We greeted each other peacefully. I walked over hill and dale, and back through the shopping center to pick up eggs and a Starbucks nonfat double capp for Jon on my way home again.