Monday, September 1, 2008

Moment of Power

Is the summer over yet? The summer is over.

The kids started school last week. I parked and walked them to the playground, where, miraculously, we were so early it wasn't even open yet! But soon it was, and the kids had fun playing before the bell rang. Sophie's 3rd grade class is right next to the playground in a portable classroom. Aaron's Kindergarten is around the building, and I called him over five minutes before the bell so he could walk with his friends to class and be ready to head in. Then I called Sophie's name loudly so I could let her know I was going and to have a good day. She came over, and the other hundred or so kids on the playground structure looked up as well, thinking it was time for school, and all came running over and headed to their class lines where their backpacks were already holding their places.

I was dumbfounded. At home, I might call my child's name ten times and get no response. But one name called on the playground opening day netted a hundred children!

I felt so powerful and capable, that I imagined the whole year would be charmed. Let that thought be released into the universe!

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Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Lisa!
I'm so glad you're coming to the blog party! It's great to meet you.

I hope everyone is happy and settled at school!
See you Wednesday!