Monday, August 18, 2008

Transitions and Reindeer

Ah, back at last. We went off to the east coast for a week and a half, then I spent last week in a jet-lagged funk. I think it's a transitions thing. I've been looking forward to Aaron starting Kindergarten and school starting up again with both kids in one place for so many months, that now that's it's immenent (next Wednesday!), I'm impatient for it to happen already. That, combined with my great aprehension about getting the kids out the door and to school on time every day.

I need to be firm about my schedule and actually know what I'm doing each morning -- all FIVE of them when the kids are at school. I don't want to waste any time. But I usually forget to account for stuff like excercise time, putting away the dishes, phone calls for doctors' appointments, clean-up the desk so I can work, fresh air walks, and the new one: don't give into distractions...time.

And this business of writing time versus handling the business of writing - how to divide that time. Well, I'll have a long stretch of 8 weeks after I send off a batch of query letters.

It's just so hard for me to focus when the kids are here that I haven't sorted any of this out yet. In spite of the fact that they want to just hang out at home all the last week now that camps are done for the summer and I can actually sneak off to my desk when I'm not settling disputes. We are going camping this weekend, and a bunch of visitors are coming, but then, in a couple of weeks, the new schedule will be in place. I really am SO HAPPY about it. I'm just not feeling it as a reality until it's actually here.

Though I avoid making my blog about the "cutest things" my kids say, because, blech! It's not as fun about someone else's kids! I'll throw one from today in for fun, just because it makes me laugh:
Aaron's friend Riley came over and Aaron showed him where he could stash his shoes on Aaron's shelf in the garage (he has fewer pairs of shoes than the rest of us and actually has guest space). He showed Riley his almost in perfect condition dress shoes, and said:
"These are my wedding shoes. I don't marry, but I was a ring bearer for my uncle's wedding."
Well, I'm glad to know he didn't get married without telling me!
Then Riley misunderstood "ring bearer," and said, "You were a reindeer?"