Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Comment

How the heck do you get comments on these things anyway? I suppose I could start by sending the link to people I know. Also by checking out other blogs and commenting on them. That's what I was told. I guess people don't just find you automatically. Oh, well.

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Daniel said...

hey, it's been some time since I stopped by but here's how to get comments: active surfing. go to a blog you like and leave comments, not just once but check regularly and see if you can start a "conversation." Visit that blog's links list and do the same. Surf around, find kindred spirits, and establish relationships. This is not a computer/engineering thing, it's a human interaction thing. How do you meet new friends? How do you establish yourself in a new town?

Consider also Susan Henderson's LitPark site - though this week it seems rather quiet, generally it's a very active platform for writers, editors and publishers to share ideas and inspirations. Also, if you are running two blogs you are diluting your opportunities for contact, not doubling them. Good luck!