Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are you here to be obnoxious?

I'm stalling, I know it. The dishes are in the sink and it's almost 10pm. But then again, I've been stalling on my blog during the day, spending time picking background colors but writing nothing. I'm used to my thoughts being private. I'm used to rambling, rambling.

My two kids are loud, so loud. Aaron's always loud. Today they were both loud. They kept singing songs in the middle of dinner instead of eating. But they're asleep now, beautiful and quiet. I look at their faces, even when they're making a lot of noise, and they're incredibly beautiful, with light and life shining out of their faces.

One day Sophie came in my room when I was getting dressed. Then she came in again and again asking questions and needing me to do this and that, so that I couldn't ever get fully dressed. Finally when she came back again, I asked her, "Do you really need something right now or are just here to be obnoxious?"

She took this question and ran with it. The next thing I knew, she was performing a song, no, a whole musical it seemed, titled, "Are you here to be obnoxious?" She threw back her head. She added air guitar. She jumped around on the bed. Then she taught it to Aaron, who added his own flavor (namely, "Are you here to throw up? Blahhhhhh!) It had song, it had dance, it could be jumped up and performed at any moment and for any crowd. It was the answer to a question, and therefore was above reproach.

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