Thursday, November 8, 2007

First Post 11/8/07

I'm not sure where I am because this doesn't look like my spiral-bound notebook. I am not sure where this will end up. I want it to stay private for now, and I'm not sure if I have set it up correctly, or if that feature is available on this blogger site.

I've been reading Anna Quindlen's essays Life In the 30's, which is not about the decade, but about being in her '30's. I am no longer in my 30's. She sounds so wise, like she has really thought things through, though I know that for a writer, it is the process of writing that "thinks things through."

There's a yoga class in 35 minutes so I have to decide whether to go or whether to stay home and really I want to just stay home and rest and write. There are so few days when I can. So few of quiet and peace. Last night was Family Connections Authors' Night, so my volunteer obligations for that are finished, except for a debrief final meeting and party Monday night next week. It was the first year I didn't buy a bunch of books and wait in line for them to be signed. I'll have to visit Linden Tree with the kids. They apply the contributions to FC for the rest of the month, according to Dennis. They won't be signed, but that's okay. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll have book plates. I didn't actually meet the authors this time. It felt like enough to just be there, and be involved. Each author had so many books! Not sure how to choose, so didn't know how to go about it last night anyway.

I called Mary E. before starting this, just to let someone know what I was doing in case my computer exploded and I was found slumped before the screen. I haven't posted yet, so I don't know what will happen or how quite to do these settings. Can this be just a personal journal for me until I'm ready to make it something else??

I'm sure Jon will find something I've done wrong with it. I can change the settings later, or delete the whole thing if I want. Maybe I'll start taking my laptop with me if I'm going to be doing this. Though I wonder if I have to be online to write a post, if I can just post it when I get home? I like being at home lately. I'm glad I moved the desk around. It was a hassle for Jon. I'd still prefer the computer against the wall. I think. I'm not sure. Maybe I should have tried it out as a laptop first to get a feel for it before moving around all the darn wires. Hmmm. It's all a feel thing for me, not a map on paper. That organizer person who cold-called me was a rip-off. Way, way too expensive and I didn't really want her here once I thought about. So I feel like I kind of wasted my money and time, but she did suggest the idea of turning the desk around, even if we didn't pursue it that day and she drew up plans another way which are useless to me now, so maybe it wasn't a complete waste of time.

I "bought" some consulting services from WNBA members last weekend at the Fall Preview of Books (I think that's what they still called it). I get an hour with Joan Gelfand and another hour with Teresa Le Yeung Ryan. Let's make them useful! It would be good for me to be accountable to someone!

Let's try this post thing now....