Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I keep hearing people say they got on Facebook and old classmates contacted them but they didn't really care because they weren't people they liked then so why should they care now?

I have to differ. I've enjoyed hearing from people -- old friends and acquiantances and classmates. Some I would say hello to in the halls or sit next to in a class. Some were best friends in elementary school, even if we went our own ways in high school. My point is, there are a lot of connections points, even if it's just a quick post-card like correspondence. Living across the country from where I grew up, it's kind of nice getting those blasts from the past and hearing what people are doing now and thinking about, and what they still think about from the past. Some I don't really have anything to say to, but it's still fun to peek at a profile and see some pics.

We have all different segments of our lives. Sometimes friends are embraced and then forgotten, but they were still important in those times. My point is, we're not an end product.


Mike Royce said...

I agree! And hope you're doing well, Lisa.

Lisa Melts Her Penn said...

Hi Mike,
I am doing well. It's always sunny in California. Actually sometimes I miss the rain and thunderstorms. Here the rain comes in seasons. Isn't that silly? Hope you are well, too. Remember when I did some acting thing for a presentation in h.s. and you said, no - don't do it? You were probably right. Maybe!