Monday, July 27, 2009

Bring Back the Music

Lest you think I have completed my filing project, I have not quite.

Since I last blogged, my poster of Pele, the Hawaaiin goddess of the volcano, won't stay on the wall, and my inspiration has fallen. Also, I forgot to turn on music. Those things combined made filing a very dreary task the last few days. I am getting close to being "done" though. I've gone through every file except for one that is vaguely labeled "Story Parts" and has various envelopes, stapled together notes and partial scenes. I think I need to take a walk before tackling that one. Everything else is either thrown out or back in the cabinet, but I need to make a trip to the office supply store and get my file label maker working so I can get my new system in place. Pretty simple stuff, but it's the last step, and it will mean I have a place to put things the right way. Maybe I CAN do it. I got a website up, and I didn't know how that would happen for a long time.

It is good to rid myself of a lot of old paper. I kind of wish I could throw it ALL out, but I can't quite. Besides, there are those gems.

So can I actually get to my "real" writing this week? I'm a little obsessed with filing now. I get a little overly focused....My "Organizing" file did yield detailed notes from a professional organizer on how to put my files together. Some other organizer advice a long time ago suggested I do away with the hanging files altogether and just use manila folders. So half of one drawer is like that and all those files do is slide down and become mush. So, back you go, green hanging files.

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Wendy Wax said...

Hi Lisa,

I've been thinking about you and planning to call. Things have gotten in the way, including Jon's dislocated shoulder which he got when smacked by a wave boogie boarding. Had to drive him to the city today to an OS.

Anyway, regarding filing, the organizing system that works for me is: I use hanging files for things I'll rarely need to pull out. Like bills, receipts, gospel sheet music from various concerts, dreams, stock info, insurance info, etc.

For all work-in-progress, ideas, editorial letters about either of those, etc. I use manila envelopes because they say WORK-IN-PROGRESS to me. Folders are WAY more easier and inviting to open then deep, dark files.

I keep activity stuff (Jonah's sports sign-up sheets, camps, gym schedule, lunch menu, Hebrew calendar, other calendars, karate fun days, theater schedules, etc.) in a drawer in the kitchen. It never gets too messy because I throw things out every month or so when their dates expire. And when I'm ready to plan Jonah's schedule I have all that stuff in the same drawer. When I want to go to the gym, I have my schedule right there...

Sorry if this is boring, but hanging files remind me of coffins or dust collecctors or stuff you'd never miss if it disappeared.

I'll be around tomorrow. Are you?

xx, Wendy