Saturday, March 21, 2009

Post BSG

Battlestar Galactica had its series finale last night. I am basking in the fullness and glow of a well-earned completion. Ron Moore said no one had guessed the ending, though once seen, the ending would seem inevitable. I didn't blog about it on the BSG blogs, but three weeks before the ending, I DREAMED THE ENDING. The details weren't all the same (for example, Dwight Shrute from The Office was there with newfound heroic qualities-- I was quite sure that wouldn't be in the script, but the trajectory and events and outcomes were dead-on.

I have a history of dreaming into greater forces and happenings. This is the first time I've connected in this way to a television show, but then, Battlestar Galactica isn't just a television show. It has transcended television in the way that fine literature transcends the mere title of "book." A rare thing.

I've had various favorite shows throughout the years -- usually just watching one special one at a time. Jon still laughs that one of my favorites was the Beauty and the Beast series. But I loved it. Most of them deteriorate as they go, or have less resonance. Some stay good, but none has had such a profound impact on me as Battlestar. I feel a personal debt of gratitude to Ron Moore and the amazing actors who have brought this series to life. Having channeled into it through my dreams, I feel bound to it in a way that is beautifully clear and fully mysterious at the same time.

A year ago I visited a shaman and psychic healer in Beverley Hills. I was told I was part of a visionary group who incarnated together -- including John Malkovich and Salman Rushdie. Ron Moore, I think you are part of that group. Perhaps someday we will work together on a project. For years, I've seen myself moving to film or TV at some point (though not quite yet.) First, I need to solidify my writing and "vision" through books, I think. Though if Ron calls me after what I hope is a nice rest, I am willing to reconsider.

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