Thursday, March 19, 2009

Melts Her Pen Goes International!

Exciting news: As of this week, Lisa Melts Her Pen has an international readership! A long-lost Spanish friend found me through my blog -- how, I don't quite know, as many of my friends here haven't even found it (possibly because I neglected to mention where to find it).

So, a big shout-out to Carmen Gutierrez in Madrid! I am so happy to be back in touch after more than 20 years! I lived in Salamanca, Spain for a year and a half during and after college. Carmen and I were "intercambios," language-exchange buddies. We took turns stumbling over our words in English and Spanish until we finally didn't much notice which language we were using. It's a beautiful thing when another language ceases to be the thing you notice and the meaning of what you're hearing and saying moves to the forefront. And then when you stop noticing even that because you're too busy becoming fast friends and going out on the town (and the farm), well, that's just the best.

If you want to read about a cool event I participated in at Carmen's parents' dairy farm in the beautiful north of Spain, look up "Special Delivery" in the awesome book Travelers Tales: Spain. It's in the original edition, but not the later one which was edited down into a smaller book. I have another story, "Toro, Torero" that is still in the second edition, which you can also check out. You can click on a link on my website: under "Writings" to preview a big chunk of "Toro Torero" if you're not already running to the bookstore. Or, just click here.

So, Carmen, THAT'S actually your surprise, and a long-overdue copy of the book will be on the way to you soon!

Love, Lisa


Carmen said...

Thank you Lisa for your nice review of our old friendship.

There is a framed picture of you jumping down from the cart full of grass at my prents'.

And of course I'll be looking fordward to reading what you're sending.

I reckon I do a much better reader than a writer, or so I hope!


Carmen said...

Hola, Lisa.

Hoy ha llegado tu libro.

No me acordaba de que habías asistido al parto de una vaca, y por lo que veo te impresionó, no me extraña, yo nunca fui capaz de ver uno.

Estoy impresionada de que tu nombre aparezca en un libro junto al de Gabriel García Márquez.

Muchas gracias, de verdad. Me ha hecho mucha ilusión, y me alegro de que aquel viaje te inspirara para escribir un pequeño relato. Jamás me lo hubiera imaginado.

Aparte de eso, te diré que mis hijos se han reído mucho de ver mi nombre y el de mi padre en un libro.

Muchos besos y hasta pronto