Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Main Conflict Is...

I have just completed a brand-new version of a letter to send to prospective agents, and it is kick-ass! It totally clarifies my vision of the novel and the internal conflict, twists and turns. Finally I have distilled a complex and dreamy narrative to something I can actually describe to someone! That is major for me. Because, after all, I had to write the whole book to say everything I needed to say.

Last month I attended the Women's National Book Association's 40th anniversary party for the San Francisco chapter which coincided with the national organization's annual board meeting. I was sitting around a big table with a group of fabulous women from all over the country dedicated to women and books and all aspects of publishing. Someone asked about my book and everyone was interested when I started describing it. However, when I was asked to simply state the main conflict, I couldn't. I almost started to bullshit my way through, but decided against it.

The problem was, there are so many layers of things going on in the novel, I wasn't sure which one to emphasize. I had kind of known this, but was trying not to think about it.

THANK YOU to all the women at my table that night. This was a great opportunity for me to go back and finally resolve this. And now I can use this as a blade to sharpen up the whole book.

To draw it as tight as I can:

"A storyteller grows impatient with her characters and plunges into the world of her own story to take their place."

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Linda Lee said...

Hi Lisa, I was pleased to read your blog post about the WNBA-SF chapter gala. This is exactly the kind of benefits I have found myself as a member. We just started a blog and would love to have you write a post with a link back to your blog.