Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drugstore Dreams

Sometimes I enjoy trips to the drugstore -- today I stopped off to pick up a prescription -- by myself without the kids pleading for things from the shelves. I was wearing designer jeans and a new cute top my sister gave me for my birthday, and a cool new necklace my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday, and a cute cap I gave myself for my birthday, and there's music from the 60's playing -- X and Y -- and I start singing along because no one else is in the aisle. It sounds totally dorky but I felt the music flowing through me and I didn't care, and I didn't feel at all dorky. And I wandered through the aisles and picked out a a fresh colorful box of Crayola crayons, some new pens, because I'm always out, some mechanical pencils, because they always disappear, too, some letter and number stickers for the kids' art projects, some general house supplies I think of as I stroll the aisles. And all the stuff I get to look at and consider.

I'm a sucker for the miracle item of the moment -- the "Ped Egg" that will keep your feet smooth and callous free -- without making a mess! The lip balm that will keep our lips smooth and soft. The toe separator that keeps your feet healthy (but doesn't actually fit your feet unless you have really big feet). The promise of so many things. I love the promise, and I can fork out $9.99 for a promise, a dream, even when I know it will dissolve into the everyday and probably unsatisfactory, but a dream is a dream. A small dream offers a moment of possibility, which in its own way, is priceless.


Wendy Wax said...

I like this Lisa. Well said. I have a strong aversion to drugstores. When I absolutely HAVE to go I try to time it so I'm inside no longer than four minutes. I race around, head down, getting only what I need, with an eye open for the fastest place to pay--drug or front counter. If I have to stand in line I tap my food and infringe upon the person ahead of me's space. I dread running into anyone I know. And when I'm out, I feel so RELIEVED. The grocery store is a little better--unless it's Whole Foods, which I can stay in all day.

Lisa Melts Her Penn said...

Well, Wendy, I hate the grocery store for sure. The list I carry is always longer there, and daydreaming is less acceptable or inviting when it could mean an hour or hour and a half out of the day. But I'm going to picture you scurrying through the aisles of the drugstore next time I go!