Thursday, December 18, 2008

Notes to the Tooth Fairy

Aaron recently lost his first tooth and was very excited. Actually, he really lost the tooth. It came out during recess at school and he didn't even know it right away. He had several things to write to the tooth fairy explaining the situation, and he was hopeful that she would be able to find his tooth and return it to him, as Sophie always requests to keep her teeth and the tooth fairy has complied with her requests in the past as well as delivering a gold dollar.

He got a note back, plus payment, then wrote another, again asking about the return of the tooth. At some point he asked me if the tooth fairy was real or if it was me. Do I look like the tooth fairy? I asked.

Aaron then wrote up this note, after Sophie questioned the validity of the tooth fairy (upon which I had to inform her that the tooth fairy does not issue payment to non-believers):


(Sophie doesn't believe in you but I do.)


Wendy Wax said...

Soooo cute. Lisa. There's your picture book. Letters to the tooth fairy from a kid who lost his tooth and cares more about getting the tooth back than the actual money. Each letter can get more and frantic and/or specific. Dear Tooth Fairy (or give her a name), Did you check on the playground near the slide? Can you use your magic telescope? If you don't, then borrow one from the other tooth fairies? Can you have a meeting and tell the other tooth fairies to look for it too?

Lisa Melts Her Penn said...

Thank you, Wendy! Looks like I'd better get to work!